Car Insurance

Car Insurence

Auto Insurance is required by law in every state. You must have some form of bodily injury coverage, even if they are the lowest possible limits (generally 10,000/20,000). If your car has a loan on it the bank will require you to have comprehensive and collision coverage since they technically own the car and want to make sure it would be covered in an accident. The standard deductible for each is usually $500, though there are plenty of other options in most cases. If you were to have leased the car, then you will be forced to have full coverage and at least 100,000/300,000 bodily injury limits. Personal injury protection (PIP) coverage, follows you as the driver, regardless what car you are in. Personal auto policy follows your car, even with other drivers operating the vehicle at the time of an accident.

If you are a young driver, keep in mind that having good coverage is a much better idea financially than just getting the cheapest policy you can. You may be paying more on a monthly basis, but statistically speaking, you will most likely end up needing that insurance within your first few years as a driver. This is why you would be better off not getting the low coverage as you could pay a lot more in the end do to the other drivers medical bills and so on. The best plan in most cases for a younger driver is at least to try and get 50,000/100,000 for bodily injury, as that is a good amount of coverage.

Choosing the right company for you is almost as important as having the right amount of coverage. There are many factors that should go into your search. You dont want to buy a policy online from a company that doesnt have any local offices in your area, as you never know when you might need to stop in. You also dont want to choose a company that can offer you other types of insurance, as you most likely would be receiving these at a discounted (multi policy) rate. For instance, if you were to buy an auto insurance policy, ask the agent if he or she could also try and save you some money on a home insurance policy as well. Chances are you will be given at least 5% off just for using that same office.

After you do finally choose an office and a policy, make sure to keep track of any premium changes at renewal time. You never know when your rate will increase and its better to know in advance so your agent can make changes or so you can shop for a better deal. It is also very important that you pay your premiums on time. In most cases, companies will put your policy into cancellation status and eventually term it after a few days of not making a payment. If in fact you do have your policy cancelled for more than 24 hours, obtaining insurance in the future could be extremely difficult and you could be paying a much higher premium. makes it easy for you to request a quote. All you need to do is to fill in a quick form and a member of our staff will get back to you with the car insurance quote. If we have any other questions we will contact you.